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Walks of the Island


Via Tragara is one of Capri's most picturesque lanes, which begins with a short but steep climb at the end of the famous boutique-lined Via Camerelle. The lane winds past luxury hotels and villas, hidden behind imposing gates and hedges, and treats walkers to glimpses of the shimmering sea through colorful flowering flora and pine groves.



At 589 meters above sea level, Monte Solaro is the highest and most panoramic point on the island of Capri. From its heights, visitors enjoy sweeping views over the Faraglioni rock formations and the center of the town of Capri, and as far afield as the Sorrento Peninsula, the Galli islands, and the whole of the Gulf of Naples. On clear days, you can catch a glimpse of the Gulf of Salerno. Once you reach the peak, either by chairlift or walk, you can relax with a drink on the rocking chairs at the La Canzone del Cielo cafè or simply stroll along the scenic overlook and snap pictures. Once you've had your fill of the beautiful view, you can descend with the chair lift or on foot, stopping for a visit at the Cetrella Hermitage. The chairlift departs from Piazza Vittoria and reaches the summit in 12 minutes.


A stroll through the Piazzetta and then down to the Augustus Gardens is the classic itinerary for those who just have a few short hours on Capri and want to enjoy a quick taste of the island.

The Augustus Gardens are in a historic property adjacent to the Charterhouse of San Giacomo, purchased by the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp at the beginning of the 1900s to build his residence on Capri. After the First World War, the property was renamed ''The Augustus Gardens", which has remained until today and holds the most important island flora found on Capri.



The Roman emperor Tiberius was history's first "tourist" who fell in love with the island of Capri, fleeing the chaos of the teeming city of ancient Rome to find peace and serenity here. From the Piazzetta, walk the length of Via Longano, continuing along Via Sopramonte and finally Via Tiberio. Otherwise, from the Piazzetta take Via Le Botteghe, Via Fuorlovado, Via Croce, and finally Via Tiberio.. It's an uphill walk and will take about 45 minutes.


Villa Lysis is a villa on Capri built by industrialist and poet Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen in 1905. "Dedicated to the youth of love", it was Fersen's self-chosen exile from France after a sex scandal involving Parisian schoolboys and nude tableaux vivants. An uphill walk from Capris' center of about a mile or so is well worth the trouble to see the restored villa Lysis and its incredible views over Capri harbor and across the Bay of Naples.



Though it may be hard to believe, on Capri there are still places virtually unknown to the masses of tourists who visit, where you can explore the island's natural beauty and endless views in heavenly solitude. One of these is La Migliera in Anacapri, on the island's west coast. 

Via Migliera begins at Piazza Della Pace in Anacapri and winds through vineyards and fields for about two kilometers. Along the walk, you are treated to a glimpse into the past when this was a rural, farming culture...a spirit that lives on in the more remote corners of this cosmopolitan island. The route ends at the Belvedere del Tuono scenic overlook, which faces the open sea and the Punta Carena lighthouse.


From the Belvedere di Tragara scenic overlook, the Pizzolungo trail continues on, which traces the coastline to the Arco Naturale stone archway, with views over the Faraglioni rock formations and Punta Masullo, where Curzio Malaparte built his sumptuous villa.

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