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Lets Go Shopping

"I lost my credit card while vacationing in Capri. When a friend asked if I called to cancel it I responded..

no whoever finds it will surely spend less than my wife " 



While the luxury shopping area is mostly in Capri town covering the triangle from the Piazzetta to Via Camerelle and Via Le Botteghe with high-end designers and boutiques scattered about. Capri shopping can offer will really satisfy everyone. Whether you are looking for typical local products or must-haves of the great Italian fashion houses, on this magical island you will find everything you want. In particular, we recommend is losing yourself among the local Capri shops where you can find one of a kinds and discover many small curiosities on the island. However Capri is also home to many high end luxury brands.  Of course, you can not miss out on a bottle of the best Italian Limoncello, perfume and a pair of handmade sandals. In Anacapri, along Via Giuseppe Orlandi there are a number of artisan boutiques that are mostly owned and operated by locals.  Most souvenir shops are concentrated along the lane which leads to Villa San Michele where you can find everything from postcards to locally handmade pottery.

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